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Pole Position London

Pole Position London

P o l e  P o s i t i o n  I n t e r n a t i o n a l: established in 2001 by its proprietor, Greg,

ur sells team always advises on the best purchase to your motorcycle needs,

ike no other shop in central London, we offer four motorcycle benches and qualified professional mechanics with experience in motorcycle racing,

very customer is welcome,whether on a small or a large machine

romises we make are promises we keep,

ur attention, skills and knowledge are employed to ensure our customers’ road safety and to improve their riding performance,

hop to shop – our rate is most competitive: we charge £60 inc VAT,

n all cases, we take responsibility for our work and always seek mutual agreement with our customers. If there are problems resulting directly from our mistakes, we fix them all free of charge,

his is our policy: we respect our clients and we always work on providing them with the best service,

n our shop you can find service parts, basic motorcycle accessories, motorcycle security equipment, helmets and motorcycle garments,

pening hours are varied to suit both dispatch riders and commuters. We do late evening service,

ever hesitate, contact us for a quote –  Pole Position Motorcycles London

Pole Position London

Pole Position London

Used bikes

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£2.800 View Details
Honda CBF600 '07

Honda CBF600 '07

£2,450 View Details
Honda CBR600F '05

Honda CBR600F '05

£2,900 View Details



20,747 miles, Black, Perfect example of Suzuki GSXR 600 in really good condition., 12 months MOT, Part service history, Tyre condition Good, £2,800 inc VAT

Honda CBF600 '07

Honda CBF600 '07


13,701 miles, Silver, Low mileage,, 1 month warranty, 12 months MOT, Tyre condition Good, Bike has minor cosmetic damages to the tank and rear cowling. Both structural and mechanical condition of the bike is good and we offer 1 month warranty of the bike., £2,450 inc VAT

Honda CBR600F '05

Honda CBR600F '05


35,191 miles, Multicolour, Datatool alarm installed, 1 month warranty, 12 months MOT, 2 keys. Just serviced and ready to go. Nationwide delivery can be arranged., £2,900 inc VAT

Motorcycle Service & Repairs





  • oil & filter change from £20.00 inc. VAT on scooters and £35.00 inc. VAT on motorcycles
  • servicing on scooters from £50.00 inc. VAT
  • major service on two cylinder bikes up to 500cc from £120.00 inc. VAT (e.g. CBF 500, ER 5, GS 500)
  • major service on four cylinder bikes (carburated) from £190.00 inc. VAT (e.g. XJ 900 Diversion, CBR, Hornet, Fazer)
  • major service on four cylinder bikes (injected) from £220.00 inc. VAT (e.g. all GSXR 1000 from K1 onwards)
  • budget Armstrong brake pads for most bikes in stock from £30.00 inc. VAT fitted per caliper
  • Carbone Lorraine brake pads for most performance bikes in stock from £17.50 inc. VAT per caliper + fitting
  • D.I.D. chains (Gold X-Ring VM) + JT Sprockets for 500 cc bikes from £140.00 inc. VAT fitted, 600cc and over from £160.00 inc. VAT
  • deals on tyres including VAT, new valve & balance, all in ride in – ride out service-headstock bearings including labour from £120.00 inc. VAT
  • clutch kits on most big bikes from £99.00 inc. VAT
  • dyno tests from £35.00 inc. VAT for two consecutive runs – power check only

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•    Full electrical repairs •    Fault finding •    Key coding  •  Charging systems repairs •  stocking supplying and fitting the HDI „Xenon” lights

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•    We are a DATATOOL authorised alarm installation workshop providing a range of motorcycle security systems (more details)
•    We are also trained and approved by TRACKER UK  to fit motorcycle GPS tracking devices (more details)

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The MOT price that we charge includes a pre-test that enables us to eliminate potential defects which may cause your motorcycle fail the actual MOT test. In cases when vehicles fail the MOT tests, we don’t charge the customers any fees. We leave open options to either fix the failed elements or withdraw from the test.

For booking please fill up our form-here, alternatively call us on: 0207 702 9381

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How we work:

  • We offer quick service both on motorcycles and scooters, which can be done „while you wait”*.
  • Our dedicated staff can assist you with anything from tyres and brake pads change to gearbox and  engine rebuilds if necessary.
  • Your safety and customer satisfaction are our priority, therefore, we employ experienced and responsible mechanics.
  • Whatever work is performed on your vehicle, it follows correct procedures and is done carefully, with devotion to ensure that our service is best quality and lasts.
  • Each job is finalised by re-checks to deliver the highest standards of service.
  • When we diagnose a problem, we inform you on the available solutions to it and always confirm with you what are your decisions before we carry out the repairs.
  • We are always honest with our clients and only charge for work that has been done.

* (subject to stock availability of the manufacturer)

Who we are:

We are a motorcycle workshop located in Central London between The City and Canary Wharf. As we can offer four benches and a fully equipped motorcycle workshop, we are able to undertake all kinds of  mechanical or electrical jobs on all major Japanese bikes (Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha) and European brands (Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, KTM, Triumph). We also work on Harley Davidson and Buell. We have a large stock of motorcycle accessories, service parts and motorcycle spares and we are also able to order all special parts needed for the above brands* for the next day delivery. We also can supply the scooter owners with a wide range of scooter accessories and scooter parts for twist&gos; tyres, brakes, beltsTucano range are also available for Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera, Honda and Yamaha, whether  50cc or bigger.

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Our clients can  enjoy the comfort of our customers’ waiting area and its entertaining features such as a flat screen TV with DVDs to watch, Play Station console and racing games. There also is also a coffee machine to warm you up.

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Pole Position retail section offers a wide range of motorcycle accessories from  necessary products for everyday riding, such as indicators, tank pads, bar ends, levers, bungees, bulbs, mirrors or foot pegs, to motorcycle gadgets and tuning accessories. Our motorcycle clothing department presents textile and leather jackets & trousers, boots & gloves and waterproof overalls. Since we promote motocross safety gear,  such as knee protectors, elbow guards, body armour and back protectors. we supply it for both adult and little riders, in all sizes needed.

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Car Service and Repairs

Pole Position Car Service:

Our garage is fully equipped to service and repair not only motorcycles but also cars. We are able to provide minor and major car service and full car diagnostics. Whether your car needs a considerable amount of work or just an oil and filter change, you are welcome to come and ask for a quote. We are responsible and help you keep your car in safe to drive and tip-top conditions, which could also contribute to maintaining its higher resale value. In our garage you can expect great value for money.

Pole Position Car Fixing:

When something goes wrong with your car, it is hard to find an honest and reputable car repair garage. During all repairs, our clients are always advised on possible solutions of problems and given options to choose. Our highly skilled service team pays attention to details and takes care of your vehicle while working. We only do the jobs that need to be done, so you can trust us.

Pole Position MOTs

All the UK cars which are three years old older require a valid MOT certificate by the law. An MOT is a standardised annual test, set by the Vehicle Inspectorate, to make sure your vehicle meets all legal requirements for safe road use. We will check and prepare your car for an MOT and get the certificate for you.

Tuning and dyno testing centre

In our dyno testing centre we use S125LC Chassis Dynamometer from DynaPro, which has been designed and developed to enable the user to carry out a complete range of tests. Full „CLOSED LOOP” control enables a vast range of dyno tests to be carried with the minimum of effort.  Wind drag, sweep and step testing or constant loading are just some of many features of the DynaPro S125 LC machine.
The system WILL HOLD at specified RPM’s or MPH without overshooting or undershooting.

To see the complete specifications click here
•    Supply & fitting of Dynojet, Bazazz and K&N products
•    Supply & fitting of Race Cans or Full Exhaust Systems
•    Custom created fuel maps
•    Fuel Injection Re mapping and Carburetor set up
•    Dyno Testing & Exhaust Gas Analysis

Dyno testing








Motorcycle Spare Parts

A variety of new and used motorcycle spare parts is available for sale online.  There are parts for a wide range of motorcycle and scooter makes and models, such as Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki or Aprilia. The stock changse periodically, so keep on checking for new parts. You may buy the products online or directly through our shop. To see the current offers here: Please see the list of available products 

Spare Parts Online

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:


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